Troy Michigan Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce is an intimidating process. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Troy, Michigan, you should contact the Sakis Law Firm at 248-649-1160. Having an experienced divorce lawyer assist you is critical. Certainly you will have questions for a divorce lawyer about child custody, child support, marital property, and spousal support. Your questions will be answered by an attorney from the Sakis Law Firm. As long as you have been living in the state of Michigan continuously for at least 180 days, and a county within Michigan for 10 days, you are permitted to file for divorce. There are obvious advantages to being prepared for divorce so it is important to speak with an attorney without delay. Sometimes people are living in separate households when the divorce is filed and other times they are not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and you should contact your Troy Michigan divorce lawyer to find out more. Whether your family is living in one household or not, the divorce cannot be completed until after a statutory waiting period has passed. For families with children, there is a 6 month waiting period and for married couples without children, there is a 60 day waiting period. In some cases, these time periods can be shortened. Pensions, retirement plans, and other retirement benefits must be addressed in a divorce and divorcing parties want to know what the court might do with them. These specific things and all other property owned by the parties, whether premarital property or marital property, are always accounted for in a divorce and you should contact your divorce lawyer from the Sakis Law Firm to discuss these issues. Sometimes the family owns a business and that property will need to be divided in the divorce. The value of the businesses is often disputed and married couples want to know what will happen to the business in the divorce. Only an experienced divorce lawyer will be able to provide you with guidance. Not being able to see your children every day is a huge adjustment for most people and especially the children. Court programs are available to make the transition easier for the family. At times, the judge might prevent a parent from being around his/her children. On other occasions, a parent must defend false accusations from another parent. If you have questions about these issues, about child custody, or parenting time restrictions, you will want to speak with a seasoned divorce lawyer at the Sakis Law Firm.