Troy Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Under the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act, anyone who is injured on the job can receive wage replacement as well as medical and rehabilitation benefits. Compensation benefits are paid weekly and payments continue as long as the worker remains disabled.

In Michigan, the law also provides for reasonable medical care for the work-related injury or disease, which can include coverage for all surgical, nursing, and hospital expenses as well as such things as crutches, artificial limbs, and hearing aids. If the worker can no longer perform his or her prior work, then vocational rehabilitation is provided under the law. The worker is retrained, counseled, and given specialized job placement. Michigan has been providing these benefits to Michigan workers for 85 years.

Michigan’s protection of its workers for this length of time is something in which we can all take pride. However, while this process has been defined by statute, and polished by its implementation over all of these years, it is still true that legal counsel is often necessary.

If you have been hurt on the job, it is important to make sure that a complete investigation is done of your injury. It is also essential that you confirm with your employer that you were hurt while working as soon as possible. If these facts are not clearly proven, then the Act will not apply to you.

It is also important to make sure that your workers’ compensation claim proceeds properly through the claims process. Having a Michigan lawyer helps to insure that the claim is not unduly delayed or denied. Some types of injuries are not as respected as others, without the proper documentary support and repetitive trauma injuries and illnesses such as chronic asthma may need more documentation than other types of traditional workplace injuries.

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