Troy Will Contest Attorneys

A will is a legal document that explains what happens to someone’s property after their death. This document outlines who gets what and there are certain circumstances when family members are not comfortable with the way in which their loved one has distributed property in a will.

Unfortunately, older relatives can be improperly influenced by people who are adept at exploiting the vulnerable. Sometimes wills reflect the undue influence of an evildoer. In those situations, they need to be contested by the family members of a loved one who has died.

Other wills have been the result of a loved one’s misguided thinking due to mental incapacity. These situations can involve illness or physical decline, as well as various medications, which detrimentally impact an elder’s ability to think clearly and accurately.

There are legal time limits to contesting a will so it is imperative that you contact legal counsel if you believe your deceased loved one’s true wishes are not represented in the will being offered for probate or distribution. Delay may result in your claims being legally barred.

At Sakis & Sakis, we know how to effectively stop a will from being legally implemented if it was signed under undue influence or without mental capacity. Please feel free to contact us for a free and confidential legal consultation.