Troy Trials and Appeals Attorneys

Lawyers are very different in their practices. Some never leave their office like tax lawyers. Other attorneys label themselves trial attorneys but they rarely see the inside of a courtroom. They will negotiate a case to settlement before taking the risk of trying the case to a jury.

At Sakis & Sakis, attorneys are prepared to try your case to a verdict. They begin each representation with that possibility in mind because the best protection for the client is to be ready for trial even if settlement is discussed. This entails collecting evidence in its proper form, conducting legal research at every step, interviewing witnesses and taking their statements, preparing for depositions, and having opening and closing arguments ready long before trial.

Sakis & Sakis also handles appeals. An appeal takes the trial court’s judgment to a higher court for review. There, issues are presented and argued to the appellate court, in order to reverse a part, or all, of the trial court’s decision. It takes an experienced and astute attorney to properly prepare and argue cases before these reviewing courts.

Sakis attorneys are also available to work alongside fellow counsel at both the trial and appellate levels when their assistance is warranted and welcomed. Sometimes, defense teams can mount vigorous defenses, attempting to out-gun the plaintiff, making joint representations advantageous because it levels the playing field.

If you have a case which you feel needs an effective trial lawyer, or if you are unhappy with a trial court’s judgment, then please contact Sakis & Sakis for a free, initial consultation.