Troy Probate, Trusts, and Wills Attorneys

You have spent a lifetime creating wealth and accumulating assets. Without proper planning in tandem with both state and federal laws, it may be vulnerable.

You must also deal with living wills, guardianships and conservatorships.

It is imperative that your financial plans are solidified with the assistance of legal counsel having both the skill and the experience to help protect you in any health decline, as well as protecting your estate for your heirs. Estate planning and asset protection can be complicated. Living wills, trusts, powers of attorney, wills and codicils, and other probate documents need legal oversight in their drafting and maintenance. Our firm can assist you with these issues.

Likewise, it’s important that you avoid procrastination. The sooner that you take legal authority over your estate and life plan, the more protection you can ensure for yourself and your loved ones. Pre-paid funeral plans, annuities, gifting property, medical directives, retirement, and nursing home planning are important tasks to undertake now, rather than later. You, your spouse, your children and grandchildren will all appreciate your foresight as time passes. Contact Sakis & Sakis for an initial consultation at no charge. We are a family-oriented firm and stand ready to assist you