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Defending Individuals In Matters Involving Accusations Of Domestic Violence

A Michigan personal protection order (PPO) is issued to protect an individual who has been injured in a domestic dispute or who feels threatened by someone, often a spouse or domestic partner. If a PPO has been issued against you, the consequences can be severe.

Although a PPO is considered a civil action, an individual is committing a criminal offense if he or she violates a PPO. It is important to contact an experienced attorney if you have been named as a respondent in a PPO.
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  The lawyers at Sakis & Sakis, PLC, are uniquely qualified to handle PPO matters because they have extensive experience in both family law and criminal defense matters. Do not act alone if you have been named as a respondent in a PPO.

The Two Types Of PPO

Michigan courts have identified two different types of PPO, commonly referred to as restraining orders. Each is distinguished by the type of relationship between the person seeking protection (the petitioner) and the party against whom the PPO is sought (the respondent).

A domestic PPO refers to a situation in which the respondent is a current or former spouse of the petitioner; previously had a dating relationship with the petitioner; is a current or former resident of the petitioner’s home; or has a child in common with the petitioner.

A stalking PPO refers to a person accused of harassment or stalking regardless of the petitioner’s relationship to the respondent.

Responding to a PPO in a timely fashion is vital. A respondent in a PPO has 14 days to file a petition to rescind or modify the PPO. If this is not accomplished, the individual may be unable to live in his or her own home and be with his or her children. In addition, a respondent may be prohibited from owning or purchasing firearms.

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