Troy Expungement Attorneys

A criminal conviction can negatively impact your career opportunities long after the arrest and conviction itself. Clearing your record through a process known as expungement can provide a fresh start. For starters, you can truthfully tell prospective employers that you do not have a criminal record.

At Sakis & Sakis, PLC, in Troy, we help individuals reset their lives through expungement of state and federal criminal convictions. Both adult and juvenile convictions can be expunged.

Expungement can also clear the application process for housing, credit, college admittance, volunteering with youth activities and more.

How Does Expungement Work?

In most instances, a Michigan adult criminal record can be expunged as long as it consists of only one conviction. You cannot have your record expunged if you have two or more convictions. A conviction in another state counts against your total. Expungement laws regarding juvenile convictions are slightly more lenient. We can explain those differences if you are interested in expungement of juvenile criminal convictions.

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The upside of clearing a criminal record cannot be overstated. Expungement is a complex process, however, and is always wise to consult with experienced Michigan criminal defense attorneys who will help you navigate the process.

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