Troy Estate Planning Attorneys

What is estate planning exactly? Estate planning is advanced planning for what happens to everything you own after your death. It determines who gets what, as well as how much taxes are owed both to the State of Michigan and the federal government.

Working together with an attorney, an estate plan is created through the drafting of documents, usually a combination of a will and a variety of trusts. The plan takes your wishes and implements them within a legal framework.

An estate plan consists of one or more of the following: At Sakis & Sakis, lawyers are available not only to assist in your estate planning, but also to protect your wishes in both probate administration and probate litigation. Our firm can assist in the implementation of your estate plan as the estate is administered, helping in the practicalities of selling or transferring property, paying debts, and inventorying assets. Sakis & Sakis is also able to act as counsel in any probate litigation to protect your wishes against those who might seek to undermine them.

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