Troy Criminal Attorneys

If you face criminal charges — misdemeanor or felony — your personal freedoms may be at stake. The legal team at Sakis & Sakis, PLC, in Troy provides knowledgeable and aggressive representation in the full spectrum of criminal defense.

Whether you face charges for the first time or you have “been through it before,” Michigan’s criminal justice system can be complex and unnerving. It is important to establish a working relationship with a lawyer you trust. At Sakis & Sakis, we provide highly personalized legal representation from the initial consultation through the resolution of each case.

Trial-Tested And Prepared To Advocate For You

We are meticulous in how we prepare criminal cases for trial because we actually go to trial. Too many criminal defense attorneys seem to start their clients’ defense from a position of compromise. We are accomplished litigators with more than 60 years of cumulative experience who think acquittal first.

Any criminal conviction can seriously impact your long-term future. We work with individuals to clear their criminal record and carry on with life through the expungement process.

We will take the time to learn the full details of your arrest and the evidence against you. One benefit of our length of service in the Tri-County area is our familiarity with prosecutors, judges and other court personnel. We understand how the state’s case is put together and how to identify any weaknesses. We also know how certain judges want cases to be presented.

Of course, not every case can end with a “not guilty” verdict. When it makes sense to pursue lower charges or negotiate a settlement rather than go to trial, our experience, once again, works in our clients’ favor. Our objective at all times is to minimize the impact that criminal charges have on your life.

We speak candidly with every client to help him or her set realistic expectations. By explaining all of the options and leaning on our experience to provide our best estimate of possible outcomes, we empower our clients to make the decisions that are best for them.

We represent individuals in the full scope of criminal defense, including: Contact Sakis & Sakis, PLC